LEGOs have a lot of uses. The colorful building blocks are a great vessel for a child's creativity, can even be turned into an amazing music box, and can also be used to cause permanent injury to unsuspecting bare feet. One use you may have never entertained the thought of, however, is making you incredibly hungry! That's what Japanese LEGO enthusiast and builder @nobu_tary has been up to when he builds these mouth-watering LEGO foods.

@nobu_tary regularly crafts impressive models out of LEGO pieces, even making famous characters and super-heroes. His food-themed work, however, is especially intriguing because it looks so good that it could perhaps double as the plastic food-samples that many Japanese restaurants put on display outside of their shop. Case in point, this delicious-looking Ten Don (a tempura rice bowl), and how it stacks up next to an actual food sample below.

Next up is his take on Katsu Don (a rice bowl with fried pork cutlet and egg).

And this colorful bento that he may as well take a bite out of.

Here is a typical kid's lunch set that you will find at many Japanese family restaurants, sometimes coming in models of the shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) like this.

And if you are a little worn out from Japanese food, here's a nice burger to change things up---Japanese portions, of course.

So if you're a fan of LEGOs, food, or both, be sure to follow @nobu_tary, who regularly whips up these impressive and appetizing "dishes"!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.