If you’re a Godzilla fan, this summer will be all sorts of phenomenal with the release of the newest movie Shin Godzilla. But if you’re worried if you’ll survive the remaining two months until its premiere, don’t fret — a new kind of Mechagodzilla has arrived, and we guarantee it will keep you company during the wait.

The Mecha Godzilla Test Type Version is the new, totally badass figure incorporating both Godzilla and Evangelion features. In case you’ve forgotten, the much-anticipated Shin Godzilla movie is directed by Hideki Anno, creator of popular anime and manga series Evangelion, so you can expect everything related to the movie to be pretty damn incredible.


Source: 7-Eleven Japan

This Mechagodzilla is painted in the colors of Evangelion Unit-01, perfectly combining Godzilla and Evangelion in every little detail. Standing at 17 centimeters tall (6.7 inches), this beauty will only be available through 7-Eleven stores in Japan.

You’ll need to dish out 3,880 yen (36 USD) for the figure, but that’s because it also comes with a movie ticket to Shin Godzilla. You can order this glorious set online on the 7-Eleven website, but make sure you act quick — the Godzilla/Evangelion figures are limited to 4,000 units, and who knows how fast they’ll sell out.


Source: 7-Eleven Japan

By - grape Japan editorial staff.