Spending the weekend at an onsen is relaxing enough, but at Lamp no Yado Aoni Onsen, you can enjoy a vacation deep in the mountains of Aomori Prefecture without any unnecessary distractions.

Lamp no Yado, which literally translates to “lamp inn,” is a unique getaway in Japan where you will find no running electricity, no TV, and definitely no wifi — just gorgeous lamps hanging from the walls and ceilings throughout the entire facility.

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From 160 to 200 lamps are placed in the rooms and baths each night, depending on the level of vacancy. It’s almost ritual-like, and lamps are brought in from a small shed into the buildings before it gets dark. This distribution of lamps, as they describe it, is very popular among guests, and many travelers come back solely to watch the rooms slowly fill up with lamps.

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Lamp no Yado was founded in 1929, and they have long been offering 4 types of hot springs from the Aoni Onsen situated along a mountain stream. They are open for all seasons, so you won’t have to wait to book a ticket to Aomori.

It’s the perfect oasis in our hectic world, and it’s an even better excuse to ignore all those work emails and phone calls you’d rather be without.

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Lamp no Yado

Address: 1-7 Aonisawa, Okiura, Kuroishi-shi, Aomori

TEL: 0172-54-8588


By - grape Japan editorial staff.