Studio Ghibli has never failed to enchant us with magical, awe-inspiring films. And it’s probably safe to say that every Ghibli fan has wished to be transported right into the world of My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away, and spend some time with their favorite characters in the most iconic scenes. Well, thanks to VR, that dream has now become reality.

While we should assume that there are more households without virtual reality headsets than ones that do, if you have either the Oculus Rift or HTV Vive at home, you’re in for quite a ride. Created by Nick Pittom from Fire Panda are three, downloadable demos that will give you a full Studio Ghibli VR experience.

By downloading the demos, you can be transported to the iconic bus stop in My Neighbor Totoro, the boiler room in Spirited Away, and the meadow outside the house in Howl’s Moving Castle.

And if that’s not cool enough, they can all be downloaded for free on WEARVR. Technically speaking, the demos are not entirely interactive — but you do get to experience walking in the world of Ghibli films. While we might get a little more greedy in the future, these walk-through VR experiences are more than enough for us Ghibli fans. All we need now is to go and buy the headsets...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.