Most of us would imagine a fishbowl to be clear and round, while a fish tank to be a large, rectangular prism. But it’s often the most simple-looking objects that can be turned into the most innovative, and that’s exactly what Japanese designer Haruka Misawa did with a series of unconventional but stunning aquariums.

The 34-year-old designer held a solo exhibition, called Waterscape, earlier this year, in which she introduced fishtanks you would never find at your local pet store. Her original and sophisticated designs were made so that people would be forced to rethink the idea of something so seemingly simple as an aquarium of fish.

This particular fish tank, which looks like there is an upside-down bubble inside a larger tank, utilizes the buoyancy of the inner bubble to counteract the effects of gravity underwater. By placing the smaller fishbowl upside-down, a large air bubble remains in the bowl despite being submerged in water, allowing plants to grow and the fish to feed off of them.


Source: Vimeo


Source: Vimeo

More creative fishtanks were displayed at Misawa’s exhibition, all playful and thought-provoking. Her tanks were not only for goldfish, either — turtles and small shrimp, along with many other fish were able to spend some time in her brilliant designs, acting as the final touch to her creations.

Visit Misawa’s website to see more photos of the Waterscape exhibition as well as her other projects.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.