History proves that cats have always done whatever they damn well please, whenever they want. Just look at the archaeological evidence discovered at the ruins of Yozukijo-Castle in Ehime Prefecture.

Japanese Twitter user @R_Perokun was doing some sightseeing at the famous castle site in Dogo Park, located at a walking distance from Dogo Onsen, where a rather peculiar plate was on display. With closer look, it became clear that the plate was stamped with the adorable little footprint of a cat.

The plate is described as a broken piece of Haji ware, a type of unglazed Japanese earthenware that evolved during the 4th century AD.

According to the museum, archaeological remains adorned with the footprint of a cat is very unusual, though we probably could have guessed that ourselves. But they also speculate that the mischievous cat walked on the plate as it was being made, and since it was found from inside the castle, there is a high possibility that it was brought to the castle and used, despite (or thanks to) the cute mark.

We can easily imagine the pleasant surprise of the people who found this cat footprint on their plate centuries ago, and we’re pretty sure we’d react the same way.

Some things just don’t change.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.