Hokusai’s famous woodblock print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” has inspired artists all over the world to create artwork with the print as the motif, and Japanese watchmaker Seiko has followed suit in perhaps the most extravagant way possible.

Being released on May 13, 2016 is the Seiko Credor Fugaku Tourbillon limited edition watch, a lavish take on the timeless Hokusai piece by Credor, one of Seiko’s high-end collections.


Source: Seiko


Source: Seiko

The Hokusai watch is made by three of Seiko’s Master Craftsmen, and the detailed work of the timepiece tells of the meticulous labor that went into making it. Boasting an accuracy of -10/+15 seconds per day, this Seiko watch has not only been assembled for excellency, but is also engraved and lacquered with the inimitable skills of the craftsmen.


Source: Seiko


Source: Seiko

The “Great Wave” is done in yellow and white gold, while the rest of the watch is made of platinum 950, 18k white and yellow gold, and adorned with 48 sapphires. The dial is even more impressive, made of 18k white and yellow gold, urushi lacquer, mother of pearl, and yakogai (shell of the giant sea-snail).

And while we doubt you would ever take this beauty near water, it’s also water resistant up to 30 meters. The watch is complete with a crocodile strap with a push button release, presenting the mechanical masterpiece in style.


Source: Seiko

Now, if the thought of this Hokusai-inspired watch being even just barely affordable crossed your mind, you’ll be very disappointed. The watch, which will be available by Credor later this month, is a whopping 50,000,000 yen, or approximately 460,000 USD.

If you have to empty out your savings account to buy it, at least you can rest assured that you'll always have a rare work of art wrapped around your wrist.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.