For those of us who can’t enter the world of Studio Ghibli, we can do the next best thing — decorate our rooms in the theme of Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro, and live our everyday lives in the realm of Hayao Miyazaki magic.

Luckily for us Totoro fans, we can fill our houses with one of the most beloved but underrated characters in the film. Available by MOLAPILA are pillows of Susuwatari, the adorable little soot sprites that appear in Satsuki and Mei’s house. They look like they’ve come straight out of the movie screen to jump into our wanting hands, the only difference being that they’re bigger, more cuddly, and won’t make your house dirty.


Source: Etsy


Source: Etsy

You can get the Big Soot Sprite Pillow (6,133 yen/56 USD) or opt for the smaller, Little Susuwatari with stars (3,333 yen/31 USD), both available on MOLAPILA’s Etsy shop. Though they aren’t spherical like they are in the movie, they’re made to serve as comfy cushions on which you can rest your tired body and dream of more soot sprites, Totoro, the Catbus, and all your other favorite characters.

Better yet, the pillows are handmade with care, giving them an even more homey feel.

MOLAPILA also has Totoro pillows and other character cushions that will transform your home. Check out their Etsy shop if you want to purchase them!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.