It's gotten to the point where if your buddy asked you if you had seen the new wacky Japanese potato chip flavor on the shelf, you'd likely reply with "Which one?" After all, we are still reeling from having our adventurous tastebuds rocked by the idea of squid and carrot potato chips. There's no time for recovery, however, as in Japan the potato chip flavor train keeps on chucking along, this time taking things for a breakfast spin with toast and milk flavored potato chips.

Don't worry, this breakfast-chip gamble comes in the form of two separate flavors, not some Frankenstein's Monster chip of milky toast. Last year Japanese potato chip maker Koikeya actually dabbled in the breakfast world of potato chips, releasing banana and peach flavors for a fruitful bag of morning crisps. After actually doing some research, however, they decided to ambitiously release these two new flavors as a "fourth breakfast option" that could stand along bread, granola, and rice (in Japan), due to how easily they can be eaten. While it may be a bit ambitious to challenge breakfast standards with potato chips, they do have some interesting details.

Toast Flavor Potato Chips (With Hokkaido butter!)


Source: Koikeya

The chips come with a little extra flavoring courtesy of butter from Hokkaido, which is famous for its fresh tasting dairy products. Koikeya says they challenged themselves to make a potato chip that doesn't just have the fragrance of morning toast, but the taste as well.

Milk Flavored Potato Chips (With calcium, of course!


Source: Koikeya

We've seen potato chips in Japan based off of liquid flavors before, in the form of cola, but Koikeya says they tried to capture the aroma and taste of milk as a beverage all in a potato chip. They even went so far as to deliver the chips with an appropriate dosage of calcium for something milk flavored.

Look, breakfast options are pretty well established at this point. The idea of snacking away at potato chips in the morning likely will never catch on due to health and image reasons, so we're not sure how feasible Koikeya's mission to make breakfast-potato chips a household name is, but if you were going to have a handful of morning chips, we figure toast and milk are a good way to ease your way into it. They hit shelves all over Japan starting May 30th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.