If you can’t fathom the thought of not having your cup of joe an arm’s length away at all times, we may have found your new best friend.

Sure, you probably already have a tumbler. But a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind kimono tumbler? It’s every I-take-my-coffee-to-go kind of person’s dream come true, and for us, it was love at first sight.

Offered by Asakusa Tatsumiya are the Kimono Tumblers, each one made from a valuable Nishijin silk sash produced by skilled artisans at one of the few traditional textile factories remaining in Japan. Only the most beautiful part of the band is selected to be used for the tumblers, creating unique portable beverage containers that will give your coffee an extra dose of luxury.

Asakusa Tatsumiya began creating tumblers as well as tapestries and cushions in March 2015, but sold traditional kimonos for 70 years before that as Tatsumiya. The current, third-generation owner strives to combine today’s modern lifestyles with the traditional beauty of Japan.

All decorated by high-ranked pure Nishijin silk, none of the tumblers have the same pattern. The uniqueness and high value of the tumblers inevitably makes them quite expensive, with prices ranging from below 10,000 yen (92 USD) up to the 40,000 yen (360 USD) range.

If you’re serious about what you drink your coffee out of, visit the Asakusa Tatsumiya online store to see their current lineup of tumblers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.