Neko Atsume, the now famous cat collecting app that gives you a relaxing opportunity to raise a cuddly army of felines from the comfort of their phone, is no stranger to adorable merchandising efforts in Japan. Heck, there was even a temporary theme park with a cafe for the monster smart phone game. Now cat-loving family and friends can take their love of the game home with them, and put them on the dining room table as Neko Atsume is ushering in Japan's biggest gift-giving season with these adorably delicious Neko Atsume cookies.

In Japan, there is a summer tradition of giving gifts, called Ochugen(お中元), to family and friends, or simply people you feel indebted to. During this mid-year gift-giving season, usually food and household items are wrapped in noshi (ceremonial paper usually attached to gifts) and sent out to loved ones. One sign that the country is gearing up for Ochugen season is when supermarkets and convenience stores start putting out displays of gift bundles for shoppers to send out. As of May 10th, now Ochugen hunters can head to Japanese convenience store Lawson is taking reservations for Neko Atsume inspired cookies to be the cutest summer gift on the block.

Each cookie box comes with 12 cookies, featuring snacks modeled after the cute faces of Snowball (Shironeko), Pepper (Oddo), and Peaches (Kurimu). The set is rounded out with baseball, soccerball, and watermelon shaped smaller cookies.


Source: Lawson

If you're in Japan and are looking to get in on a little cultural gift exchange for the summer season, head over to Lawson where these cookies perfect for cat lovers are available for 3000 yen ($27.61 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.