Mister Donut has pretty much been the old standby for doughnut lovers in Japan, offering a classic and subtle taste that isn't too overpowering for the Japanese palate, which tends to prefer a more delicate brand of sweet. The Japanese doughnut chain will now be giving a limited time offer that doubles down on understated sweets by letting customers get a taste of traditional Japanese confectioneries with their "Wa Doughnuts" (和ドーナツ), or "Japanese Doughnuts" series. The series looks to live up to its name by using classical Japanese dessert ingredients such as matcha, kinako (toasted soybean flour), azuki (red bean), and warabi-mochi, which is a more gelatinous form of mochi made from bracken starch. Here's a look at this gorgeous lineup of doughnuts inspired by traditional Japanese sweets.

The first two in this series of seven are called warabi mochi sandwiches, and somewhat resemble a traditional Japanese twist on an English muffin. Each "sandwich" contains a piece of warabi mochi coated in soybean sugar, placed in the middle of a serving of red bean paste in between two matcha infused buns. Matcha cream and whip cream variations are both available.

Warabi Mochi Sandwich Azuki Whip Cream


Source: PR Times

Warabi Mochi Sandwich Azuki Matcha


Source: PR Times

Next up is the matcha cream version of Mister Donut's popular "Pon de Ring", a soft and doughy doughnut filled with matcha cream lining.

Pon de Matcha Cream


Source: PR Times

Old Fashioned Matcha Doughnut


Source: PR Times

Old Fashioned Matcha Chocolate Doughnut


Source: PR Times

Old Fashioned Double Matcha Doughnut


Source: PR Times

Finally there is a cake like stick that makes use of brown sugar syrup to give this matcha coated delight a bit of sweetness. Light and flakey on the outside, but fluffy and cakey on the inside.

Matcha Brown Sugar Syrup Stick


Source: PR Times

Available from March 11th, these doughnuts will be offered for a limited time, running until the end of July. Buzz around the net says the matcha red bean sandwiches are a big hit, so if you're looking for a traditional sweets kick in Japan, look no further than this Japanese Doughnut series from Mister Donut.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.