Japan is getting increasingly hot and humid by the day, and people are already looking for ways to alleviate the heat and escape the summer stickiness. Thankfully, McDonald’s Japan has come out with a brand new menu that promises to be as refreshing as a nice cold shower in the middle of the day.

Hitting McDonald’s locations nationwide is the Amanatsu Mikan McShake, a sweet and tart beverage that is sure to blast away the sweaty, sticky, grossness of Japan’s brutal summer. You’ll be able to buy it from May 11th until the beginning of June, although it has actually been available in Ehime Prefecture since last month. Proving to be a huge hit, however, it is making its way into the rest of the country.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

The shakes contain whole amanatsu mikan (a type of mandarin) grown in Ehime Prefecture. You can get a small size for 120 yen (1.10 USD), or the medium size for 200 yen (1.83 USD). The hottest days of summer are still yet to come, but this new McShake will help you transition to the warmer temperatures with a little more ease.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.