Japanese online retailer Felissimo tends to focus on fashion and household goods of the cat variety, but this time the site for quirky themed goods is showing some love for another adorable critter in the animal kingdom. The site is currently taking reservations for this impossibly cute seal body pillow and cushion as well as selling baby seal themed pillow cases.


Source: PR Times

While having a big fat seal chilling in your house sounds really cool, it's probably not the most practical cuddle buddy to have around. Fortunately Felissimo has designed a big and bubbly seal cushion, made from elastic fabric that provides a very healthy and inviting belly for you to lie down on and stretch yourself out. In fact, with dimensions of 72cm×149cm, the "Lounge Around On A Seal's Belly Big Cushion" (great name) is said to be able to fit about two futon comforters inside, and replicates the body of a full grown female seal with over 50% body fat.

"Come rub my belly!


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Your spooning view.


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Felissimo is currently taking pre-order reservations (with delivery scheduled for between June and July) for the big seal cushion at their site, but for those who can't wait to start building their seal buddy army, the retailer already offers pillow-cases modeled after two week-old baby harp seals.

As adorable as they are on their own, the drawstring pillow cases have a cute charm to them activated by the simple transformation they go through when inserting a pillow into them.

Flat as a New England Patriots football.


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All puffy and ready for belly rubs!


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The perfect face to wake up to.


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Can't forget those cute little flippers.


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While the big seal cushion is only available for pre-order reservations at a price of 8,900 yen ($81.96 USD), the baby seal pillow cases are currently available for 2,200 yen ($20.26 USD), and come in yellow, white, and gray colors. International shipping doesn't seem to be a thing at Felissimo, so a Japan address is needed.

Both items are part of Felissimo's "YOU+MORE!" series, which is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the word "humor", and features many quirky and comedic goods for your home. Whether you get one or both, it looks like you can look forward to having some chubby seal cuddle buddies in your own home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.