Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Japan were treated to a pleasant surprise when, after developing a reputation for delayed theatrical releases, when Captain America: Civil War actually hit Japanese movie theaters before the U.S. release. Now for a little aftermath fun, we can enjoy another cool Japanese twist on the superhero battle with this awesome ukiyo-e rendition of Iron Man and Captain America clashing.

The picture comes courtesy of Japanese Twitter user and illustrator @takumitoxin (Takumi). It's a beautifully drawn picture that blends the two iconic Marvel superheroes into the aesthetic of traditional Japanese woodblock prints as seamlessly as possible. Takumi later clarified that he based his rendition off of a famous piece titled "Gikeiki Gojobashi no zu" (義経記五条橋之図) by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, often considered the last great master of ukiyo-e woodblocks prints. His take on the classic print features Captain America and Iron Man as legendary Japanese warriors Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Musashibō Benkei.

The encounter in the original piece features Minamoto no Yoshitsune (also known as Ushiwaka-maru) and Musashibō Benkei dueling on Gojo Bridge in Kyoto. Believing he could forge a powerful sword by sharpening his own with 1,000 swords, Benkei posted himself at the bridge, disarming 999 samurai and collecting the blades of his enemies. He was ultimately bested by the quicker Yoshitsune, and was so impressed he loyally followed him as a retainer. Here is the original for comparison.

For a look at the two re-imagined superheroes individually:

We're not quite sure what this version of Iron Man has ready to shoot or how durable Captain Ukiyo-e's shield would be back in the day, but it looks as if the badass posing of superheros fits perfectly into the world of woodblock prints.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.