We honestly think American citizens need this store ASAP! Just last week, the food chain Fast food aid popped-up in the fashion district of Harajuku. A neon sign glowed saying “For FREE.” The shop gave away vitamins to supplement junk food eaters, which not only include the typical American food hamburger and pizza, but also Japanese ramen, though, many of us don’t see it as junk food.

Here are the stats for Ramen.

Indeed, if you consider this as your main line of Pokemon, you are guaranteed to lose half of the battle. The stats is mid range towards poor, and there is no specific extension of reach. The most you can gain from it is Iron and B12 Vitamin. Completely insufficient in Calcium(20%), β-carotene(21%) and Vitamin B6(24%). The average of 13 vitamins intake from eating a ramen is 39%, with 22 tablets missing of nutrients.

Let's check out everyone’s favorite food, hamburger.

Surprisingly, hamburger beats ramen in an inch, cool thanks to Vitamin E that reaches across the chart, also Vitamin B12 scaled towards the bottom. Even so, don’t be happy! The lack of Dietary fiber, β-carotene, vitamin D, and Calcium nutrients could lower life habit balance, weakening bone and teeth, and the crucial part is the nervous system slowly becoming less active. A total of 20 tablets missing of nutrients.

Ouch, pizza is actually stated as one of worst junk foods, it’s awfully sad to know because it’s mouthwateringly delicious, and we wouldn't mind eating the whole box.

Sad Pizza

As shown above, barely nothing is in the chart. The fact is simple, pretty much everything is made with only bread crust and cheese, duh! No wonder the average of 13 vitamins intake from eating a pizza is merely just 17%, with 24 tables missing of nutrients. At one point, we recommend you not to encounter any Pokemon, just run away if you can.

Unexpectedly, the mastermind of making these specific tablets is a Japanese fast food chain called Dontobori. But different than most Japanese fast food like ramen, gyudon and takoyaki, they serve okonomiyaki and monjayaki, a pancake-like food that is topped with various fresh vegetables. That’s why they made this Okonomiyaki tablet, that has zero missing nutrients.

Okonomiyaki stats

This magnificent Japanese food Okonomiyaki may be the cure of all unhealthy eating habits, makes us want to eat Okonomiyaki once a week to balance out our diet. On the other hand, the clever campaign seeks everyone to enjoy a healthy life balance. The way to receive a free tablet is to trade a fast food receipt. After analyzing the listed food you ate, you will receive the right tablet to swallow.

If you ever sweep around Harajuku for a bowl of ramen, don’t forget to get a free tablet from Fast food aid to keep a healthy life style.

Fast Food Aid

3-20-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo.

(5 mins away from Harajuku station)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.