We’re pretty sure our cats couldn’t care less about our smartphones, but if they did, they might be as adorably helpful as these I-Cat smartphone stands from Japanese online retailer Hamee.


Source: Hamee

With your choice of one of the 3 standing types, or the 4 “butt” types, you can appoint the lovely task of looking after your phone to your favorite feline.

Standing Types 2400 yen (22 USD)

The standing cats stretch out on their two back legs, tip-toeing so that they can support your phone in whatever position you want to place it. Little knitting needles and balls of yarn will make sure your beloved electronic won’t slide down.


Source: Hamee

4 Butt Types 860 yen (8 USD)

These small and simple stands attach to your smartphone by means of suction cups. Each of them look slightly different from the others, including one that calls for the help of two cats.


Source: Hamee

The I-Cat smartphone stands were designed by none other than an avid lover of cat butts — a Japanese illustrator who goes by the name of Nekomura Otako. They will be available from May 27th, 2016 at Hamee affiliated stores.


Source: Hamee

By - grape Japan editorial staff.