The Kushiro City Zoo in Hokkaido, Japan is home to a popular cast of animals, some of whom have attracted a sort of kawaii-animal celebrity status based on their personality quirks. One such animal is Milk, a large Polar Bear whose childlike nature and fascination with pipes and long wooden sticks has made her a star among the zoo's bear staff. As much as she loves playing with them, however, she has a habit of sometimes letting his toys get her into a tough predicament.

A kendo bear master.

For a quick refresher course on her fascination with those toys, check out the video below along with the adorable cuddly tweet following.

More than just a battle stick.

Japanese Twitter user @edhimumu recently sent out a Tweet, expressing a desire to show just how cool Milk is to the entire world. With this series of badass poses, we think that message is heard loud and clear. The last pose, however...

You got some 'splainin to do.


Source: @edhimumu



Source: @edhimumu

A battle without honor and humanity.


Source: @edhimumu

Oh dear...


Source: @edhimumu

Don't worry, Milk. Showing that kind of silliness is a special kind of badass in itself. If anything maybe you can turn it into a new Kendo technique!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.