Just because you’re not good at drawing, doesn’t mean you can’t have a future as a successful artist. If you think we’re wrong, just look at the unbelievably intricate artwork of Japanese papercutting artist Shinobu Ohashi.

Ohashi, whose presence on Twitter has attracted fans from all over the internet, began making paper art because she was bad at drawing, and was searching for an alternative way to express herself through visual art. With black construction paper, washi paper, and one cutting knife in hand, she began her journey into the art of papercutting.

Devoting her time to paper art was undoubtedly one of the best decisions she could have made. Her artwork, most of which are based on works of literature, are extremely detailed masterpieces that can only be created with an incredible amount of patience and skill. The colors of the washi paper add delicate touches to the already fragile works, and we can only wish that she’ll one day complete a paper art themed after our favorite books.

Ohashi’s artwork has been displayed at exhibitions in Japan, and she has also released a book and original goods of her creations. You can visit her Twitter for updates on her latest projects, and her website to see her most elaborate pieces in detail.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.