Although there are plenty other fish out there, goldfish are considered as one of the main traditional beautiful assets to Japanese culture since the Edo-period. Despite on its colorful and gorgeous look, the fish is one of the earliest and longest surviving species, as even if a ponds surface is covered in ice, goldfish can still stay alive as long there is enough oxygen.

The world largest goldfish exhibition called Edo Goldfish Wonderland will be set in Tokyo’s Skytree tower around Roppongi, coming with 1000 of goldfish. The event is staged in Edo period, where people can dress yukata while observing 23 different species of goldfish on the walk. Goldfish actually isn’t limited to one gold color as you may think, there are Choutengan (Celestial Eye), the one with weird telescope eyes; the Suihogan (Bubble Eye) comes with upward pointing eyes, with two large distinctive bubble cheek; And the Ranchu, which is the most popular gold fish in japan, also known as the “King of goldfish.” (see picture below.)

Besides getting the feel of Japanese goldfish culture, you also get to see 150 goldfish-shaped paper lanterns shimmering, and 500 decorated goldfish traditional wind bells! Bringing the fullest summer matsuri(party event) experience in Edo period.

Some introduction of the goldfish history and evolvement, which shows they weren’t that colorful in the beginning.

Making your own goldfish shape paper balloon.

As a refreshment, the Penguin cafe will be offering a Goldfish Cocktail, which comes in alcoholic and non- alcoholic types. Inside is Japanese famous sparkling sake mixed with orange flavor, a mature taste that is not overly sweet. And it uses a similar orange-red base color to present the goldfish theme.

Also they have Goldfish soda, containing sweet jelly and red berries. The cute bowl itself is free to take away as a souvenir.

The Edo Goldfish Wonderland will be open from July 1st, and until September 30th. The adult tickets cost for 2,050 yen, 1500 yen and below for students and children.

Sumida Aquarium

Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku, Osiage 1-1-2, Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 5-6F

By - grape Japan editorial staff.