Sometimes a video comes along that seems almost too perfect for capturing the ups and downs of our own personal lives, and it should come as no surprise that the pure and innocent nature of children do that better than anyone else. That's exactly what happens in this video, originally posted by Japanese Twitter user and father Onodera Makoto, whose four year old daughter's priceless reaction is the perfect metaphor for how life has a knack for yanking the carpet out from under you!


Source: YouTube

Her name is Hana, and her father's YouTube channel will show you that she has a reputation for performing absolutely adorable covers of popular J-Pop songs. In this video she is attempting a rather, um, "unique" cover of the song Story by AI on a mic-stand her father bought for her. However, her younger brother barges in and knocks over her stand, leading to a death stare that is all of us when life trolls us too hard.

The world's most adorable troll.


Source: YouTube

The hair-flip, the icy cold gaze, and the threatening pose she holds forever just says "Are you effing kidding me?" and reminds us all of our most fed up moments in life. Fortunately her kid brother's cute little chuckle helps soften the blow.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.