While Japanese online retailer Felissimo has made their name trotting out adorable cat-themed household goods, their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese) has shown that they aren't afraid to flex their cute and quirky muscle when it comes to other adorable animals. That trend continues with their strangely adorable octopus hand towel series, with gives you four different types of the cute tentacled critters to wipe your hands and goods with.


Source: PR Times

The four types of octopus hand towels have some slight differences in color, ears, and eyes to give some variety to the cartoony sea creatures waiting for you in your kitchen and bathroom. Made of 100% polyester, the towels can also a good option for wiping off smart phones and such. One interesting little touch is that the metal attachment ring that allows for your octopus towel to hang off your counter or backpack is actually shaped like a fish itself.

Just hanging around.


Source: PR Times

It comes with its own fish buddy.


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The four different types represented in the set.

Dumbo Octopus


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Senbei Octopus


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Flapjack Octopus


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A new species of kawaii Flapjack Octopus


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Those in Japan can order the octopus hand towels as a set for 900 yen ($8.17 USD) from Felissimo.


Source: PR Times

By - grape Japan editorial staff.