The colorful Dragon Ball anime series is astonishingly well-crafted, but also in Black & White color as well.

Japan’s largest blog forum 2ch recently was flooded with large comments on these epic cutout Dragon ball pictures and other anime, created by the artist A8SwkEFs0, who humbly shows off his creative talent through the anime fan circle.

the quality is way too high.

the feels man!

a lot of concentration is needed for sure!

Gohan going Ha-me-ha-me-ha mode

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Gundam W

GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

Conan / Case Close

The cutout technique is known as kiri-e, and literally means cutting picture. It was firstly used for ceremonies for ancient gods in the Nara-period. After the dyeing process was developed, it became more popular around Kyoto region, and many talented Kiri-e artist appeared. Surprisingly, the ancient technique seems to be still popular these days, using black paper as base and carefully cutting out the unnecessary part with precise measurement and tons of concentration.

It's the world's Dear Mickey

Haganai (I don't have many friends)

Katekyō Hitman Reborn

Haruhi Suzumiya

We hope someone hired A8SwkEFs0 to share his talent to make some anime.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.