May 27th marks the 30th anniversary of the widely popular RPG Dragon Quest. And if there's a reason to celebrate, there's more than enough reason to pop open a fresh bottle of delicious Japanese sake.

With that said, we can't just celebrate with any sake — it has to be as astounding as the vast world of Dragon Quest, which is a standard that's not easy to live up to. Luckily for us, Fukumitsuya, a Japanese brewery with history going as far back as the Edo Period, has helped create an extra special bottle of sake with the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary logo.


Source: Fukumitsuya

The sake, named by creator Yuji Horii as "And Thus Into Legend...," will be packaged in a box marked with Loto's Seal and Loto's Sword, letting us reminisce over the beginnings of the series while sipping our drinks. For those of us who want the whole Dragon Quest sake experience, they will also be offering a set that includes original masu sake cups branded with an image of a slime.


Source: Fukumitsuya

The complete sake set will be available for 6,048 yen (55.15 USD), but you can also just get the bottle for 5,184 yen (47.26 USD). They will begin accepting orders from the morning of May 27th, so make sure you keep yourself updated through Fukumitsuya's online store, and the Square-Enix online store. Fukumitsuya will also be selling them at their Kanazawa and Tokyo Midtown locations. Cheers!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.