Bonsai is a Japanese art form that symbolizes Japanese aesthetics. An art in which living trees are grown and shaped in compartments in the desired way of the artist, bonsai often becomes a calming and meditative project that teaches aesthetics such as asymmetry, invisibility of the artist, and poignancy.

But as a living organism that needs to be maintained and grown, bonsai isn’t something that is easy to work on. Thanks to one creative craft kit, however, now anyone can try it out without the full commitment.


Source: kami-bonsai

Making dabbling in the Japanese art of bonsai possible is kami-bonsai (“paper-bonsai”), a paper craft kit that lets you create your very own bonsai without having to worry about maintenance and taking care of a living tree. It’s great for anyone who has always wanted to work on a bonsai, or has even just vaguely thought that it might be an interesting hobby to take up. The kit is a super accessible introduction to the art, and as long as you have it, you don’t need any special tools (including scissors and glue!).


Source: kami-bonsai

There are currently 4 types of trees to choose from, with more to come:

Matsu (Pine)


Source: kami-bonsai



Source: kami-bonsai

Sakura (Cherry Blossom)


Source: kami-bonsai

Momiji (Maple)


Source: kami-bonsai

Just like you would with a real bonsai, the leaves and branches of the kami-bonsai can be arranged however you please. All you have to do is let your creativity dictate how you make it look, and you don’t even need to give it water to keep it looking beautiful and lush.


Source: kami-bonsai

The paper bonsai kits are available through the online store, but they only offer domestic shipping within Japan. Each kit — which compactly comes in an A6-size package — can be purchased for 1,620 yen (14.60 USD). It’s a perfect souvenir for travelers who want to take a piece of Japan home with them, or gifts for friends and family.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.