Japan’s moms are super moms. They do nearly everything for their children, such as preparing cute decorated bentos, serving food to their kid’s door, and preparing a nice hot bath.

As each day is peaceful as like the early birds in spring, a terrifying experience happened to a Japanese twitter user Momo-chan while she was relaxing in the bath. Her heartwarming mom came in front of the bath door, and started asking...

“How is the temperature?”

Her mind was shocked,

and, almost peed in the bath tub...(mentioned in the Tweet)

No freaking way she thought, when she silently realized, and took a breath to confirm the woman behind the door wasn’t from the J-horror film Ju-On, it’s just her love-caring mom. In the meantime, she also took a emergent snap picture and blogged this lame frighting experience to her Twitter @mxeiliexm, so people can be warned. It is common that Japanese bath door uses mosaic texture to keep their privacy, and she certainly did the right thing.

Because people had bumped into the same experience.

As the warning starting to spread, people added Japanese and English subtitles for the better understanding, just same as the movie poster.

On the other hand, we recommend the great moms out there should step away a foot from the mosaic door, please.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.