Morning breakfast with Pancakes is marvelous. The fluffy circular bread with syrup, and possibly a side bacon or sausage even makes it better.

The full-service pancake house Denny’s in Japan plays it similar, but in a more exotic way. They have a bunch of menus on their list, and have been refreshing their new food and desserts consistently to keep their costomers happy. And for the beginning of summer, they are introducing their Uji Matcha dessert menu, the Uji Matcha, one of the finest traditional green teas in Japan. The farming technique has passed on many generations in Kyoto, long before the Edo-period.

Uji Matcha Pancake

Crispy roasted green tea sauce poured on top, with strawberry jam and mascarpone cream between the unseen fluffy layers.

Uji Matcha Tiramisu

Uji’s bitter sweet green tea mix with jelly and rich mascarpone cream. The beautiful three white balls sitting on top are the shiratama dango, a sort of sticky rice cake topping.

Uji Matcha Sundae

The Denny’s Uji Matcha dessert menu will be selling from June 7th in Japan's Denny's.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.