Japan seems to have a thing for toast. Alongside the Japanese-style breakfasts of rice, miso soup, and cooked fish, toast is a breakfast staple that many turn to when they’re busy and running out the door. And now, toast-lovers everywhere can dash out of the house with their first meal of the day in hand, only they won’t be biting into them.

Hailing from Village/Vanguard, a Japanese retailer specializing in odd and quirky items, are toasted bread purses, towels, and socks. They’re the newest part of the Maru de Pan (literally translated as “just like real bread”) series, with previous items including egg-in-a-hole backpacks.


Source: PR Times

The purses are each made with 4cm-thick “toast,” all with different toppings. You can choose from bacon and egg, strawberries and whipped cream, honey and butter, caramel ice cream, pizza toast, or just good old plain toast. Just throw in your keys, phone, and wallet, sling it over your shoulder, and you’re all set.


Source: PR Times

The towels come with the same toppings as the purses, and are little 16cm-square hand towels that will weirdly put you under the illusion that you’re wiping your hands with toast.


Source: PR Times

If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe with something other than toast, however, the bread socks might be more for you. You can pick a favorite out of hot dogs, fruit sandwiches, yakisoba bread, deep fried fish sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and some baguettes, so there’s a mouthwatering treat for every pair of feet.

So if you love toast and aren’t afraid to show it, you can buy them all on the Village/Vanguard online store. The purses are retailed at 1,296 yen (12.15 USD), while the towels and socks can be purchased for 410 yen (3.85 USD) each. Though these delicious-looking goods might make you crave toast 24/7, they’re too gorgeously appetizing not to snag.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.