The 1984 Ghibli classic Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, was known as the pre-Ghibli film that actually founded the base of the studio. The main character Princess Nausicaa, is a kind hearted girl who strives and struggles to bond with the bug insect ohmu, who guards the toxic jungle that is spreading across the Earth. Even though the situation is hard to overcome, Nausicaa still tries to coexist with ohmu in believing herself.

Surprisingly, now the mysterious ohmu can grow sprouts in its empty shell. The little balls underneath the sprouts are Neo Coal, and it acts the same as regular dirt that can absorb enough natural resource to help plants grow and filters the water. Most nicely, it absorbs bad air and harmful gas, which makes your home environment cleaner. The blue-ish look also brings an elegant appeal to the baby sprouts themselves.

The easy and eco-friendly sprout plant growing set sells at 8500 yen on Amazon. Every day add just a little water, wait till the plant is fully grown, and you have a choice of feeding yourself with some fresh sprouts as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.