You don't need to ask a Shiba Inu to do any special tricks to make them cuter than they already are, but this video posted by Twitter user @anamacid shows us that the lovable Japanese dogs are always capable of surprising us with just how adorable they are.

The video, posted simply with title "たけうま" (Takeuma, or "stilts" in Japanese), features just about the happiest Shiba Inu you'll ever see, wearing a grin as wide as the moon. The dog and human clearly share a close bond, but the smiling Shiba isn't content to just walk with him, and goes step for step with the human by using his sneakers as stilts.

As @anamacid counts steps for the grinning cutie, she and a friend notice the dog's foot slipping off the impromptu stilt and call out, "You got off--hey, your foot!", and without missing a beat the Shiba jumps back on for a few more steps before planting a big doggy kiss on the camera.


Source: @anamacid

Even dog lovers sometimes whine and moan when it comes time to take their furry companion for a walk, but with a smiling face and a take-on-the-world attitude like this, we doubt its a challenge at all for this Shiba's owner to grab the leash (not that they need it) and open the door!


Source: @anamacid

By - grape Japan editorial staff.