Source: kitan

Fluffy Caps Turn Cats Into Sheep

Cats do not need caps because they have enough nice fur to keep them warm. Well, if cats must need a cap, it has to be something worth the offer for them to say “ Yes.” The Kitan club understands the meow request, and designed a special sheep cap. It covers all around from the head to the neck about 26cm to 27cm in length, more fluffy and soft, leaving only the cute face alone. Plus, it has two horns attached and curving out behind the ear. The material is made with felt, which is real sheep fur.

Ones without the horn are the baby sheep, which you can choose as your own preference.

A good solution to keep your cat's head warm, or simply to have them become sheep for awhile. The sheep cap costs 300 yen, and will be sold in June.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.