Party poppers can give any celebration an extra burst of fun, but for certain occasions, you might find yourself looking for something other than the usual rain of sparkling streamers.

Perfect for any event in want of a subtle touch of elegance are the Four Season Party Poppers from Bridge Design Store, a set of party poppers filled with all things symbolic of the Japanese seasons. They have cherry blossoms for spring, rain for summer (since the rainy season comes at this time), fallen leaves for fall, and snow for the winter.

They’re definitely not your usual bright and glittery party goods, but for anyone planning a celebration where flower petals or snowflakes would better spread the festive spirit, these might be right up your alley.

You can buy a set of four for 540 yen (5 USD) from their online store. They ship worldwide, so if you’re currently in the process of planning a party, you might consider snagging a few packs of these to make the occasion extra special.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.