The Tokyo Olympics are slowly approaching, and the Japanese government set a target goal to gather a total of 40 million visitors by the year 2020. Indeed, Japan has a rich culture, and plenty of delicious food to attract visitors, but the government is still worry about one thing – the language.

Most Japanese aren’t comfortable using English, so most of their products are written only in Japanese, even airport goods. For English speakers, it is a bummer, but who cares? Japanese food is delicious anyway! However, for certain types of religious countries like Islam and visitors from southeast countries, it’s something that keeps on bothering them whenever they visit in Japan. Plus, the recent numbers of Muslims and Malaysian visitors has been growing more tremendously than before.

But no worries loves! A new smart mobile app released a week ago is able to save this non-friendly language issue. The app is called OKASHI checker, or also known as Japanese sweet checker, which is a simple food description scanner that uses the labeled product barcode as a trigger point. After it’s being detected, the ingredients info pops up in either your choice of English or Indonesian languages.

Now, you are able to enjoy Japanese sweets in safe reach. Besides that, the app has a button to press LIKE if you feel satisfied, so a configured Japanese sweets ranking list can be viewed as well.

Don’t forget to download OKASHI Checker if you’re planning to travel to Japan!

Free app OKASHI Checker

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.