Originally introduced to Japan from China long ago, geta are sandals with an elevated wooden base made to keep the feet high above ground. They were worn with traditional Japanese attire such as kimono and yukata, and still exist as footwear (though not worn often) today.


Source: Mizutori


Source: Mizutori

Geta sandals often get the rap for being outdated, uncomfortable, and far from fashionable — especially since their obsolete look doesn’t always match with current, Western styles of clothing. Considering most people in Japan don’t wear traditional Japanese clothes on a daily basis, it’s quite rare to see someone walking the streets in geta.

Craftsman Masashi Mizutori of Mizutori GETA, however, wanted to change this reality. Instead of watching the traditional Japanese footwear slowly fade into total oblivion, he started a stylish shoe brand that has made them relevant once more.

Every pair of sandals from Mizutori GETA is carefully crafted by hand, and is made to bring the utmost comfort to anyone who wears them. Traditional geta are shaped in a way that they do not distinguish between right or left, but Mizutori’s geta are all created from natural wood to perfectly fit the soles of the feet, with soft straps that gently wrap around your feet.

Mizutori has been working to develop comfortable geta since 1988, and it would be safe to say that he has succeeded. Among many benefits, his sandals are said to improve blood circulation in the soles of the feet, improve posture, and even train the muscles just by wearing them.

There are currently five collections in the Mizutori GETA lineup for men, women, and kids. They’ve taken up a more modern style that allow them to seamlessly blend with any type of clothing, be it traditionally Japanese or jeans and a t-shirt, while still maintaining the shape and build of traditional geta.


Source: Mizutori

Stylish, unique, and comfortable sandals aren’t easy to come by, but these gorgeous geta will have you enjoying the summer with the one-of-a-kind styles of traditional footwear, and the comfiness of sandals made with the help of modern footwear technology. You can buy their shoes at select shops in and outside of Japan, as well as from their online store. You can also head over to their website for more information.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.