Promotional campaigns for the upcoming Japanese horror crossover Sadako vs. Kayako, which pits the two most famous ghosts of Japanese horror films (Ring and Ju-on) against each other, have maintained an element of spooky to them, the marketing has completely embraced the absurdity for the film with hilarious antics. With just four days left until the film's release, it seems that one of the finishing touches on those campaigns will be a foray into uncharted waters for Sadako--romance, as the long-haired ghost from The Ring is posing in a romantic comedy gravure photoshoot.

Gravure model photo shoots, which consist of clothed but provocatively dressed and posed models usually in magazines geared towards men, usually features young girls starting their modeling careers. Ghosts don't usually make appearances, but with the way Sadako has been on the advertising trail, she's inadvertently decided to show her soft side in this edition of Weekly Georgia("週刊ジョージア"--Georgia is a canned coffee in Japan), posing in a shoot where the photographer mistakes her for a sickly girl and ends up taking her on an impromptu date.

Just a ghost nap.

But you can see how he would think she is sick.

So our kind photographer hero offers her some Georgia coffee.

And after a little time together....

Sadako is ready for a theme-park date!

At one point the photographer/would-be-dater remarks that Sadako should wear her hair differently since it's a waste of her beautiful face. She does not oblige.


No wells to haunt, so maybe a Panda car will have to do.

And of course they went to a haunted house.

"I scream for ice cream!"

Things get a little intimate with some afternoon coffee.

Even ghosts blush!

After a long day and a new friend, however, Sadako has to shuffle her way back to the demon realm, as she has a movie opening on June 18th to haunt.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.