Based of the Tokyo Olympics, the train station of Tokyo's fashion district Harajuku has been confirmed to be completely rebuilt before 2020. The current Harajuku station was built in 1924, and purposely landed behind Yoyogi Park, so people can conveniently go to the Meji Shrine to pray.

It was beautifully constructed in western style with wood, the historical uniqueness is unlike any other Tokyo city stations.

The place is especially known by its trendy pop culture for young generations, and they take pride in living with this cool cultural symbol.

In 2014, an average about 70 thousand people passes through in each day. The road station is so narrow to walk, which is incomparable to its sibling Shibuya Station. When the Tokyo Olympics arrive, the high density of traffic could easily lead to people losing their mobility.

The demographic of the future station.

Passenger space will also be increased 2 times more than before.

If you ever come to Tokyo, don’t forget to visit Harajuku station! It may be your last chance to see it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.