Sometimes we miss the old days when we were in college or high school. The precious time when you can act like a fool, and not to worry about life and reality. Well, being a teenager is awesome, but being a kid is double the awesome. So let's wait no further ado, wear a yellow cap and a randoseru backpack, and head to elementary school again (Yes!).

In Japan, there is a unique restaurant that can help you travel back to elementary school. Before entering through, you will be notified to join in the six-grade class 4, and don't forget to put your shoes in the seperated lockers.

There are also designated classrooms like the library, teacher’s office, nurse’s station, and science lab.

School lunch with various good and healthy food, such as Caesar salad with needle dressing injection.

That's what you get for trying to be a popular kid.

Academics are important, whoever scores full points will earn snacks as prizes. But seems like somebody may need to redo elementary.

Enjoy your last day of school, receiving a graduation certificate. "Thank you for all these years, teacher sensei!"

One of the reasons why most Japanese people have such good manners is because they concentrate in learning manners as priority in their beginning year of elementary school.

The elementary themed restaurant has different branches located in Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. If you would like to experience Japanese elementary school life or want to feel super young again as a 12-year-old, feel free to check this restaurant out with a yellow cap on.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.