For many, the only comparable experience to the opening rounds of the U.S. Presidential Election trail, particularly the saga of Donald Trump, has been a really intense acid trip. While we can't really offer you that, we've seen some Japanese commercials in the past that could easily substitute for a bad trip. Now we feel as if those have all been put to shame, because this over-the-top parody of a Japanese Donald Trump "commercial" absolutely takes the cake in the insanely amazing department.


Source: YouTube

This isn't actually a commercial from Japan, but a hilarious creative effort from director and VFX artist Mike Diva, or as he calls himself, "maker of videos/music/Memes & Dreams." Here he's perfectly captured the wackier side of Japanese commercials, which have a delightful habit of assaulting your senses with ridiculous excess. The commercial tells the story of a hopeful Trump supporter, who is thrown into a dream-like state of ecstasy when Trump is named the "World President". She then embraces her short-fingered hero before he erects a wall, turns into a Japanese mecha, and blows up the world, ending in a credit that says "Trump Banzai." There's also this:

The last one says "cunt".


Source: YouTube

The Wall.


Source: YouTube

So steel yourself with a drink (this will take courage), and step into this surreal Trump-run world that could so easily be a Japanese commercial. Here's the full thing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.