Something about the smile of a Shiba Inu just seems genuinely happier than anything else. It's as if the lovable Japanese dog breed has just reached a state of elation that we humans just can't comprehend--perhaps by being self-enlightened by their own cuteness. Or maybe they just happen to know how to fully enjoy the simpler things in life, like this grinning Shiba who has fallen in love with a swing set.



Japanese Twitter user @IWASHIxDAKUMI recently posted a short series of adorable photos, which feature an absolutely delighted Shiba showing us how to properly enjoy a playground swing set. The text reads "Oh's so unfair...of course you look so freaking cute doing it!"

Such cute. Very happy.



Not a care in the world!



Oh yeah, that's the spot.



We imagine no walk to the park is too much of a hassle when you have the most adorable of all dog tricks waiting for you! Here's the original Tweet.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.