French people enjoy hard bread, Americans enjoy medium soft bread, and as for the Japanese, they enjoy super soft bread, literally soft as cotton candy, which they have a specific term called “fuwafuwa.” While bakery shops are striving to make the softest bread to serve, Village & Vanguard are striving to make the softest sofa chair to sit on. At one point, the chair turned into the bread itself.

The bread sofa chair is structured as half folded, a traditional concept taken from the Japanese chair “Zaisu,” with no legs but a normal chair back. They are often seen in traditional rooms with tatami mats, and coupled with a heated kotatsu table.

A double bread table, and a whole egg blanket can be included in your living room.

The soft bread Zaisu itself sells at 5378yen, with an extra egg topping cost for 7538 yen, and the whole egg blanket sells at 2,678 yen.

Here is also moldy bread, if you prefer something a little more stylish on the bread crust.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.