For many, just a trip to the more rural and scenic parts of Japan is a charming fantasy in itself, but if a Studio Ghibli fan were to stroll through Hachinoe City in Aomori prefecture, they may feel as if they have actually been spirited away. That's because the city is host to a No Face cosplayer who wanders around town playing the shamisen.

The tsugaru-jamisen jamming No-Face is not actually a new sight to see in Aomori, and actually became a Japanese internet sensation over the past year and was even featured on local television. However, Japanese Twitter user @zunzun_2525 recent video shows off this No-Face cosplayer's skills with the traditional Japanese instrument, as well as his new habit of just showing up at Japanese bars and strumming away on it.

The tsugaru-jamisen, a unique type of shamisen, developed in the Aomori prefecture, and has often been used by traveling artists to perform in front of crowds and otherwise bring some warmth and cheerfulness to the harsh cold of Aomori. Given No-Face's personality in the film Spirited Away, you may be a bit wary if you spot him on the street corner, but this version of the faceless spirit doesn't appear to bite, and has become sort of a mascot for Hachinoe city.

Almost like walking through the movie!

Perhaps he's fallen on hard times.

Why, hello there.

Not sure if it's safe to pay him, though.

Here's a nice atmospheric video of his playing.

Studio Ghibli fans that have been to the museum, seen all the films, and even ridden the Cat Bus, can now add a trip to Hachinoe City to their hit list, as it may just give you the opportunity to live out the fantasy of being spirited away.

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