Whether it was for a long stay or just a fun visit, many who have been to Japan come away with a soft spot for the sounds of the country. One such source for that kind of nostalgia seems to be the mysteriously charming ambiance of Japan's train stations and lines--particularly the JR Yamanote line, Tokyo's major looping trail line. Something about the melodies, announcements, and humming buzz of the Yamanote line paint the perfect picture of smooth transition in Tokyo's metropolitan frenzy. Now those with a longing for the sounds of Tokyo transit can get a taste with this strangely awesome soundscape of the JR Yamanote line, which lets you experience the sounds of traveling around Tokyo.

Yamanote Style lets you hear the soothing sounds of each Yamanote train line stop.


Source: Yamanote Style

Los Angeles based composer and programmer Hunter Bridges has put together a soundscape modeled after the JR Yamanote line. The interactive website allows you a chance to take a mini journey through Tokyo. By compiling the individual jingles and announcements of each station on the Yamanote loop, he's delivered a nostalgic Japanese train trip on the site Yamanote Style. Simply click your starting station to hear the melody played at that station at the time of a train's departure, and then click on other stations to hear train announcements.

It may seem a bit strange at first, but the soothing sounds of Hunter's soundscape will no doubt satisfy a yearning that Tokyo travelers may not have even known they had! Take a nostalgic trip through Tokyo at Yamanote Style.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.