Of all the colorful and delicious Japanese desserts that exist, it’s safe to say that dango is one of the most popular. It’s cheap, simple, and is sold virtually everywhere in Japan, and is an easy go-to snack for when you’re craving something sweet.

But in typical Japanese style, this traditional snack has been revamped into a limited edition dessert that is seasonal, cute, and mouthwateringly tasty!


Source: Yagumo


Source: Yagumo

Since watermelons are symbolic of Japanese summers, this new dango has been reborn as three mini-watermelons on a stick. They’re not just your ordinary dango, either — they’re chocomanto watermelon dango, which are chocolate-covered, watermelon-flavored dango. Made by Maruhachi Seika, they’ll only be available during the upcoming summer season.

The chocomanto watermelon dango contains real fruit juice from Japanese watermelons, and are coated with chocolate and black sesame seeds to complete the watermelon look. They’re all carefully made by hand, which shows in the small details of the snack.


Source: Yagumo


Source: Yagumo

You can buy it in packs of 3 (750 yen/7.15 USD), 6 (1,500 yen/14.30 USD), or 12 (3,000 yen/28.60 USD) on the Maruhachi Seika online shop, or their Rakuten shop. They’ll only be available to order until August 31st, though, so interested foodies will have to snatch these during the summer season. They’ll start shipping on July 1st, and should arrive in time to enjoy them at home in an air conditioned room, or out on the beach if you wish.

Watermelon-flavored food seems to be the big trend this summer, so we’re dying to find out what these new desserts will taste like!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.