It often seems as if there is not much more room for innovation in technology, particularly when it comes to smart phones. As exciting as wait for whatever the next revelation will be, sometimes instead of engineering a bigger and louder device can take a backseat to a more subtle and traditional approach. That seems to be the case that Japanese musical group Ajate is taking, opting for quieter acoustics with these Japanese bamboo smart phone speakers.


Source: Ajate

Called the Bambuson, these smart phone speakers are made out of marutake, or whole natural bamboo. Conceptually, the speaker was made as a way to naturally amplify the sound of music without using electricity. If anything, these speakers actually sort of subdue the volume of whatever your playing in a soothing sort of way, without distorting the quality. The reason for this is that in many Japanese houses and apartments, thin walls and general living etiquette mean that it can be difficult to play music loudly. A more subtle and relaxing way of amplifying sound throughout the house is generally appreciated, so the added aesthetic of beautiful traditional bamboo is a welcome bonus!

The lovely and natural look lets the speaker double as interior decor.


Source: Ajate

Subtle and soothing sounds perfect for kids.


Source: Ajate

The marutake bamboo speakers are light and easily transportable, making them usable in and outside the home. Simply inserting your smartphone will do the trick, as there is no power needed at all. Crafted carefully from natural raw materials and constructed in the same manner as traditional Japanese flutes like shinobue, these speakers are especially durable and are said to really tie the room together with a pleasant and calming quality of sound.

They are available for purchase at Ajate as well as online retailed Creema, with prices (dependent on size) ranging from 2,000 yen ($19.66 USD) to 6,800 yen ($66.85 USD). Outside of the charming traditional experience, it's a simple way to fill the room with a nice and quaint sound, using no electricity.


Source: Ajate

By - grape Japan editorial staff.