Just three years ago, as it still feels recent, Shinji Tsuchimochi made a bold move to create One hundred famous views of Edo. Today, he finally reached his last and 100th view.

Looking back on the project, all of Shinji Tsuchimochi’s drawings are unique, and have plenty interesting tiny details inside for you to stare at. A way of illustration style that can effectively transcend every Japan’s street corner with a modern sense of its cultural movement. And sometimes adding a few imaginary objects that can make you feel the world is not just surrounding from one’s or own perspective.

Kameidoten Shrine

100th view

Kameidokatori kachiun shopping street

99th view

Tokyo station

98th view

Omoide yokocho in Shinjuku

97th view

Congrats to Tsuchimochi for completing his adventurous work. He also mentioned he wants to include all the 100 views of Edo painting into a book once everything is completed, and we think that's great! Here is his previous work on Bechance and Facebook to look back.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.