Learning vocabulary is one of the most challenging parts about taking on a new language, and there really isn’t a shortcut to memorizing hundreds of foreign words. If you happen to be learning Japanese, though, you’re in luck — just login to Instagram, and allot a little bit of time to tap through some flashcards from Nihongo Flashcards.

Created by Pompette, a design duo based in Hiroshima Prefecture, the account features illustrated word cards beautifully made to make studying a little more enjoyable. They’re predominantly food-related, and include images describing the names of foods, as well as phrases like “gochisousama deshita,” a saying that expresses appreciation for the food in front of us.

Each flashcard contains a Japanese word, its pronunciation, an illustration, and its English equivalent. Food-related flashcards introduce foods that range from the common to the more elusive, although they’re all well-known and often consumed in Japan. They also make use of current themes, mostly seasonal, that revolve around summer festivals and other timely events.

If you’ve been looking for a fun new way to trudge through some new vocab, follow Nihongo Flashcards on Instagram here!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.