The new Godzilla movie Godzilla Resurgence is coming to theaters in July. However, before the huge release, Godzilla has something that he would like to express in front of the news press. Although he can’t speak the human language, at least a deep bow may do in Japanese culture, to confess his apologizes for ruining the city since 1954, the day that he decided to appear from the sea to show the difference between god’s strength and humans.

In fact, the box-office of Japanese movie entertainment is a tough business, “image” is important. After the king of the sea showed his deep sincere attitude, other related “monster” joined in and addressed a similar issue, besides Mechagodzilla.

Godzilla, the big paper tag says “Act of destructing.”

King Ghidorah, “Act of Invading”

Mechagodzilla, “Act of Imitating”

Hedorah, the smog monster, the announcer of this open press conference.

The act of deep bowing in front of news press is extremely common in Japanese TV, and probably happens everyday. An action to show deep apology for something that had terribly happened and needs to be forgiven in front of all the people who are watching them right now.

The Godzilla gachapon capsule toy sells for 300 yen each, starting from the end of June. Sometimes, speaking is useless, a good attitude is what we needed, and we hope you accept their deep bow and visit their new movie Godzilla Resurgence in June.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.