Whether you are an anime fan or not, it is almost a crime not to watch it. The popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no kyojin) made a complete success of selling over 52 million copies in print. Furthermore, the first season of the TV anime tremendously boosted the series popularity throughout the world in 2013, directed by Tetsuro Araki, who worked on the Death Note series.

The story simply revolves a time where humans are almost dragged to extinction, and can only find peace behind the cage walls to protect themselves from titans outside. The main character Elen Yeager vows to kill all the titans because of the loss of his mother who was eaten by a titan. The anime is greatly known for its high pace, deep plot twisting, and neat quality animation sequences.

The new AoT anime hasn’t been revealed for a long time since the last season. As perviously discussed by the director, he decided to wait for the writer Hajime Isayama to get ahead more on the story, so he could be able to build a better story arc into the anime. Thankfully, after the long wait, the new Attack on Titan season 2 anime has finally been announced, said to be coming in next year spring 2017 in yesterday’s Attack on Titan festival.

Anyhow, let’s wait with no further ado, get your maneuver gear on, and go ahead to save humanity once again.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.