From a distance, this room really looks like some black cat is trying to lick some water..

The cat humidifier from Taki Products was showcased in the 27th International Stationery Office Products Fair(ISOT) in Tokyo. With 8 kinds of designs, 7 cats and an extra Poodle dog. From the previous “Paper humidifier,” it now has been upgraded to a new form where you can see images of a cat licking the water. As always, the paper eco-friendly humidifier does not require electric plug-in.

The marvelously cute cat humidifier will begin selling from fall this year. A great decor behind your bed or work space.

Besides Shiba, Japanese people also love this super energetic dog, therefore, it is forgivable to add an extra slot for Poodle to serve larger customers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.