Source: keikomasumoto

Ceramic Vessels Warped Into Alien-like Forms

The vessel form may be one type of device used in studio crafts,like painting and the frame in the fine arts.

The fine line between art and craft is ambiguous. As craft is mostly referred to as object, and art is clinging more towards to decoration, can both be tied together and function as one purpose? The ceramic artist Keiko Masumoto wants to break the boundaries of two means and bring them all in one place.

Masumoto transforms ordinary ceramic vessels by merging random objects she crafts from clay. Octopus tentacles wiggle out of a jug, and a radish got stabbed by some kind of tall pot. Gracefully changing its still stats into an object with momentum. And she wouldn’t mind craving a tunnel and add some cars inside. To see more of her work, here it is.

“Whether art or craft, I want to offer work that is intensely consciousness of that category, that framework, to explore what I myself felt.”

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

keikomasumoto / ICN gallery